Le Domaine Brun-Avril

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Le Domaine Avril

Our vines are very old, the grenache vine-plants were planted nearly one hundred years ago by our grandfather Jean Avril.

In 2008 we took over the vines from Jean Avril in order to continue the wine making family tradition.

Back to school…

Domaine Brun-Avril

In order to be abble to manage the Vineyard, Nathalie went to study at the « Université du Vin » in Suze-la-Rousse and Jean-Jacques, at the Agricultural school in Carpentras-Serres.


The 20th Hospices-du-Rhône
The 20th Hospices-du-Rhône

April 2012 : vintage 2009, tasted by Richard Jennings during the Hospices du Rhône in Paso-Robles, CA, and rated 91 points.
Description : « very dark red violet color ; lifted, herbs, ripe black fruit, baked black fruit nose ;  tasty, ripe black fruit, baked black fruit, baked berry palate ; needs 5 years. »

April2012 : vintage 2010, tasted by Richard Jennings during the Hospices du Rhône in Paso-Robles, CA and rated 91 points.
Description : « opaque purple red violet color ; herbs, tart black fruit, reduction nose ; tart black fruit, reduction, pencil lead palate ; needs 3 plus years.

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Des cuvées Millésimées

A unique reserve...

We have made the choice of making only one red Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine. Each grape variety is vinified separately.
Then, grenache is aging in big wooden barrel (about 300 l) and Syrah in tronconic wooden tuns, during 18 months.

2009 vintage

It is a blending made of 50% Grenache-Mourvèdre and 50% of Syrah.
Deep red colour
Nose of ripe red berries such as blackcurrant, strawberry and candied cherry on a smooth spices base and undergrowth.
Very subtile palate which is sustained by silky tanins.
Intense and highly structured with an outstanding balance.
Alcohol 14%.

2010 vintage

It is a blending made of 55% Grenache-Mourvedre and 45% Syrah.
Intense deep ruby robe.
Nose of red berries such as blackcurrant, spicesof green pepper and cinnamon, on an undergrowth remanent base of fresh moss and bark, and a sharp angle of very refreshing bitter orange.

Very clean to the taste which a splendid freshness which complete and upgrade a continuation of fine and silky tanins.
The final, very fresh, remind the bloody grapefruit.
Alcohol 14%.

Le Terroir

of Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Our vines are situated in the northern part of Châteauneuf-du-Pape village in an area called « Farguerol ».There are two distinct but closed plots in the Domaine Brun-Avril .

The first one is a clayed-sandy gentle hill, facing south, and covered with large pebbles (which are typical in châteauneuf-du-Pape vineyard) where an almost hundred years old black grenache grape variety and Mourvedre grape variety grow.
This vine is blown 130 days per year by the « Mistral » (Provence strong wind blowing from the North), which create a natural prophylaxis.

The secod terroir is a clayed-sandy-silty hillside turned to the east where our Syrah grape variety is planted.
There is a forest on the border which brings a great biodiversity reserve.
A beautiful landscape is laying down from the vineyard :

  • « Les Dentelles de Montmirail » (little mountains which look like lace),
  • the famous « Mount Ventoux »,
  • the Popes’ old castle (where they used to come as a summer residence), not to forget
  • the Rhône valley.
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Domaine Brun Avril

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